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How Social Networks Help  AddThis Social Bookmark Button

By: TheWebReviewer

Social networking. It has become a cultural phenomenon that almost everyone seems to be hooked into it. Cyberspace used to be a world good enough for computer geeks, but everyone now seems to enjoy getting to know people and sharing information with them via the Internet.

What made social networking boom? Why do people from all walks of life enjoy doing it? What makes one social networking site different from the hundreds of others?

Social networking started with the purpose of merely providing accessibility to people whom users havent kept in touch with for so long. A decade ago, social networking was limited to posting bulletin and sharing ones contact details to a certain group of people.

Social networks that emerged in later years have become more versatile in use. Aside from collecting as many friends as you can through online connectivity, social networking allows you to share thoughts and experiences.

Social networking does not only exist in mainstream social networking sites like MySpace and Friendster. Blogging sites like WordPad and Movable Type also allow users to add other contacts that can access their blog posts.

You can also share your hobbies and interests through social networking. Photosharing sites like Flickr and Photobucket allows members to download photos or images and share them with other users in the network.

If you are into music or videos, you can compile your digital files in your site and share it with those who like the same kind of stuff. YouTube is perhaps the most popular video-sharing site in which you can connect to other YouTube members who share your interest. You can also establish your social network through P2P software like Bearshare, which allows direct, software-based file-sharing among its members.

If you want to recommend certain website contents to other online users, you can make use of social bookmarking sites like Digg and These websites usually allow you to categorize and other users to discuss issues right on the page where you have posted your site recommendation.

There are websites that are even much versatile in function. Aside from letting you add as many contacts as you want, mainstream social networking sites can cater to both your blogging and file-sharing needs. Multiply, for example, allows you to store and share blogs, music, videos, reviews, event schedules, links, and even recipes to other users. Its everything rolled into one.

Since social networks allow you to share information through the Internet, they are often used as a medium to promote ones business over the Internet. There are social networking sites that allow interaction among professionals and experts, so joining these sites can be an advantage on your part if you are running a business.

Some social networks are beginning to turn into a mere fad. Others are already facing their downfall. But in one way or another, social networking sites are bound to become an integral part of online life in the indefinite future. Matthew is the owner of TheWebReviewer: Online Money Making Opportunities, and NetWebVideo: Home Based Business Free Membership. Matt currently lives in Southern California and is married with two children and has been an online marketer since 2006. Article Directory: